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t r u e . l o v e + a ryou x ichigo community

Ryou x Ichigo
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Ahoy! Welcome to True Love, a RyouxIchigo LJ community! Bwahaha! ^^ As you should know before even thinking about joining, Ryou Shirogane and Ichigo Momomiya are two characters from the famous anime/manga series, Tokyo Mew Mew (And ... I guess you can call them Zoey Hanson and Elliot Grant from Mew Mew Power ... ._.). This community is for those who support this special couple, where you can rant about how they should be together, spread graphics showing ryouxichigo love, or ... pretty much do anything else. Heh ... ^^;

(Side Note: I'm a little low on the creativity area right now, so yes, if you noticed, the community *is* named after the RyouxIchigo fanshrine, True Love, which is also owned by me. ::shot:: x-x)

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